What do I need to bring with me for my driving lessons?

On your first lesson we will need to see your valid UK provisional driving licence. You need to bring a code to view your licence online, which can be obtained from www.gov.uk; if you have difficult just bring along your national insurance number and we will help you obtain the code. You will also need to bring your lesson fee in you have not paid in advance.

What should I wear?

What ever you feel comfortable in. We would recommend that you wear a thin soled pair of shoes, such that you can feel the pedals beneath you feet. Heavy boots, thick soled trainers or platform shoes are probably unsuitable for a learner.

How many lessons will it take to pass my test?

A definitive guide to how many lessons cannot be given, as different people learn at different rates. The rate at which you learn may be influenced by previous riding/driving experience, i.e, have you ridden push bikes or motor cycles on the road. Do you have off road driving experience. Have you previously driven plant machinery. Have you previously had instruction. Most recent studies suggest the average is about 45hrs professional tuition and 20 hours independent practice.

How long do lessons last?

We typically do 1.5 hour lessons. We can do more in 1.5 hours than two x one hour lessons, so it does work out more cost effective.  Lessons over two hours in duration require a break midway though, to recharge the batteries. Tea breaks or lunch breaks are NOT part of the lesson duration.

Do you work weekends?

Yes we have instructors working six days a week from 7am though 8pm. No lessons on a Sunday; everyone needs a day off.

Do you pick up and drop off in different locations?

Yes, within reason. Please bear in mind that if picking up or dropping off at work, an hours struggle though rush hour traffic may not be good use of training time. Similarly, new drivers are unlikely initially, to have the necessary skills to transit effectively between two places.

Where do you conduct lessons?

Most lessons will start close to your home and ripple outwards as your skills develop. As your proficiency grows, we will incorporate as much as possible of the routes you are likely to use on test day. 

What are my prospects of passing first time?

According to the driving standards agency for England, there were 1.7 million+ practical driving tests between April 2017 and March 2018, the overall pass rate was 46.3%. Over the same period for Great Briton, the first time pass rate for males was 50.4% and for females 43.1%. as you can see less than 50% of all driving tests taken are successful. At the Alex school of motoring, we will advise when we believe you are ready to take your test. A recommendation to take a test will be based exclusively on the standard you have attained and not the numbers of lessons you have taken.

Do I need to pass my theory test before starting lessons?

No. You can commence lessons whilst studying for your theory test. We will be able to assist with any areas of confusion when studying.  We can provide recommendations on appropriate software and reading material. Actually driving; will assist in dealing with the hazard perception part of the test.

What level of mechanical knowledge do I need to take my test?

The test involves a number of 'show me tell me' questions. The show me tell me section is to ensure you can check the vehicle is fit for the road. It includes how to check your brake lights are working, how to check there is enough oil in the engine and water in the wash bottle etc. All very simple stuff which we will guide you through.

Are there any other people in the car?

No, your lesson time is exclusively your lesson time. We do not use lesson time to pick up and drop off students. (See may I bring someone with me when I am learning).

May I bring someone with me when I am learning?

For our younger students, it is not uncommon for another family member to be financing the learning process. We would welcome such an individual dip sampling progress. 

Who will be in the car when I sit my test?

The minimum requirement is obviously you and the examiner. You will be asked if you wish for your instructor to accompany you on your test. This may assist your instruction with remedial training if that proves necessary. The decision as to whether your instructor accompanies you on test is entirely YOUR decision and has no bearing whatsoever on the likely outcome of that test. A small percentage of tests are also accompanied by a check examiner. That examiner is there to assess the examiner taking your test and will have no bearing on whether or not you pass.

Do you do pass plus and motorway lesson?

Yes. Mileage for pass plus and motorway tends to be significantly higher so lesson fees tend to be just that little bit more.

Have I forgotten anything?

If there is anything we have missed or you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact one of our instructors.